Useful Information for Tenants

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

The following links to information related to the current coronavirus situation have been supplied for the convenience of tenants. All linked pages are made available by the NHS, national government, local authorities, landlord associations, citizen's advice organisations or related. Please note the links have not been added in any particular order.

NHS - Advice for everyone - Coronavirus (COVID-19)
NHS Scotland - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Latest guidance about COVID-19 from NHS Scotland and the Scottish Government, including social distancing and stay at home advice.
Scottish Government - Coronavirus in Scotland
Aberdeen City Council - Information and Council Services - Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Shelter Scotland - Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Citizens Advice Scotland - Coronavirus - what it means for you
Scottish Association of Landlords - COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis - tenant help
Scottish Association of Landlords - COVID-19 current information

For tenants of any of the houses advertised on this site - Please inform any of the Landlords if you have contracted Coronavirus (COVID-19) or if you are self isolating. If you have contracted Coronavirus or if you have symptoms which require you to enter a self isolation period please advise other tenants in the house using some convenient but safe means. Also please read pertinent information linked above in relation to social distancing and in relation to stay at home guidance for households with possible infection.

Anyone with a condition which puts them at extremely high risk should follow Coronavirus (COVID-19): Shielding advice and all others in the household and other contacts should strictly follow social distancing measures in order to protect them. The Landlords should also be advised by the person at risk of this situation.

Calendar of Events for Tenants

The following set of links has been provided to help tenants find answers to questions regarding legal issues relating to accommodation deposits, tenancy agreements, and fire safety, through to simple yet important questions in the domestic setting where washing care labels are proving to be a puzzle. This list will be developed naturally as questions are asked and useful links are sought and found.

In addition information has been provided about household issues including maintenance cleaning schedules, gardening, window cleaning, contractors and the involvement of landlords in maintaining standards of service on behalf of the Tenants.

Pertinent Legislation and Information

Council Tax and other Information Pertinent to Students

Aberdeen Household Waste Collection Calendar

TV Licences - "Do I need a TV Licence"

Damp and Mould

Laundry Care Symbols

FireAngel Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Other Useful Links

  • Fire and Smoke Protection Information on the Simply Extinguishers website