Back Garden

There is a well maintained garden located to the rear and a large shed. Access to the back garden is also available from a back lane.

All recycling and waste bins are stored at the rear of the garden. For collection of waste bins should be taken to the end of the lane at the back of the house onto Hilton Street. They should also be collected promptly once emptied. There would appear to be a neighbourly protocol whereby whoever is available first to return a bin will return all bins to the respective back gates. It is hoped that all tenants will respect and support this protocol.

Although basic gardening services are provided it is expected that tenants will endeavour to keep the back garden in good order and where necessary all work is undertaken promptly to keep the premises tidy, clean and clear. There is also an opportunity for anyone who has an interest in gardening to develop their skills and grow and nurture plants or herbs, or vegetables or fruits as desired.