Standard response sent on initial interest

Thank you for your interest

Please note that the following is a standard email I send to all individuals who show an interest in accommodation we have available.

Prior to arranging a viewing it would be helpful to us if you would provide the agent with some details about yourself. For example age, gender, course of study, year of course, email address, and anything else pertinent to a landlord that you feel would be useful and of interest. As landlords we try to ensure that the property is let to individuals who will 'blend in' with the existing tenants and their lifestyles within the flat. We feel it is important to seek and to encourage a harmonious and trouble free environment for all.

For your interest the following website has some more pictures and information which may help you determine whether or not the available room is of any interest to you.
Gallery - Click here

Please note that for Council Tax purposes this property is let only to students who are exempt from Council Tax. The information required to determine if you can be classed as an exempt student can be found on the Aberdeen City website.

The following is one extract from that site. To confirm that you fully understand all aspects of Council Tax with respect to your own situation you are recommended to read the information supplied on associated pages of the Aberdeen City website.

Who is classed as a student?

There are 3 definitions of full-time students used for Council Tax purposes:

Full time students in further or higher education
A full-time course is defined as one that lasts for at least one academic year. The Student is required to attend for at least 24 weeks a year and undertake, on average, at least 21 hours of study and tuition in each of those weeks. This includes Students undertaking work experience, but only if the periods of study exceed the periods of work experience when aggregated over the whole course. If work experience exceeds study then it will not be treated as a full-time course of education.
N.B. Student nurses studying academic courses at university or college will be treated as full-time students for Council Tax purposes.
Students under 20 in non-advanced education
For Council Tax purposes, these students are said to be undertaking "qualifying courses of education". The main conditions are that the student is under 20 years of age, is studying on a course up to but not above Higher level, Ordinary National Certificate (ONC) or Ordinary National Diploma (OND) and is normally required to study for at least 12 hours per week. Also the course should be for at least three months duration.
Foreign Language Assistants
This requires the assistant to be registered with the Central Bureau for Education Visits and Exchanges.

Also please note that we never let out rooms without first meeting with the prospective tenant. We also require the prospective tenant to view the property and to take time thereafter before making a decision to take up a tenancy. We think that this is in the best interest of both parties.

Once again, thank you for contacting me. If you require any further information please email me and I should be able to respond within a few hours.

Best wishes